2016 Details

Clear Creek Abbey
Work Day is
March 5, 2016
Work Day is approaching. The monks would like your help. What should you do?


1.  RSVP: Sign up for the work day by registering on the website at www.abbeyworkday.com. Work guides, group leaders or heads of family can register for the entire group.
2.  Attendance and work: Come to work day. You may attend as part of a work crew, a group or organization, as a family or as an individual. If you come as part of a group or work crew, you will have a project assigned to you before work day. If you come as a family, small group or individual you will likely be assigned a project that morning. Big groups should contact us early.

3.  Spread the word: Forward this email to all your friends, coworkers, parishes, knights councils, etc. Help us advertise Work Day. Simply click on the forward button at the conclusion of this email and type in that person’s email address.

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Please consider volunteering as a work guide. Having work guides allows us to assign specific projects to groups in advance and is the most effective way to accomplish the most work.


As a work guide you would be responsible for recruiting a team of workers (do not worry; if you run short we can assign you more people), learning a project before Work Day and supervising the completion of that project.


Respond to this email if you would like to help as a work guide. I will be contacting previous years’ guides this week.



Attendance by groups is also encouraged as it allows us to more easily assign work projects. If you are the leader of a group, but cannot volunteer to be a work guide, please contact us anyway, so we can assign your group to a specific project.


If you own any type of heavy machinery, please contact us. Brother Joseph-Marie can always find uses for tractors, Bobcats, backhoes, bulldozers, etc.

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Food: A giant lunch will be served on Saturday. Lunch will be served at St. Martha’s guesthouse at noon. Breakfast will also be provided on Saturday morning.


Staying the Night/Lodging: All men may spend the night Friday or Saturday. As in the past there are several different sleeping arrangements. Men and boys may use the old cells and the old chapter room as guestrooms on a first-come, first-serve basis. Camping is also allowed and encouraged on the property during work day. Smaller RVs are permitted. Adult co-ed sleeping is prohibited.

Donations: The monks are always in need of farm supplies. Tools, feed, and fencing materials are welcome. We will gladly accept monetary donations large and small. Contact us for details.If you cannot donate, do not worry. Everyone is invited to Work Day! We will not ask for money on Work Day. Your time and labor is what we want.

Specialty Needs for Work Day 2016  
1. Welders, especially if you have a portable welder
2. A large stump grinder
3. Brush hogs
4. Work Guides
What is Work Day? 
Click here to watch our video.
Click Here to sign-up or for more information.
Breakfast – 0730
Arrive – 0800
Work Begins – 0830
Lunch – 1200
Contact Information
For any questions:
Erik Grayless – Work Day Director